The Worlds Most Advanced Manual Therapy

Dr. Jose Palomar, MD

P-DTR® is the brainchild of Dr. Jose Palomar, MD.

P-DTR® or Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex, is a reflex based manual therapy.

It focuses on assessing the quality of information that your nervous system receives from the muscles ligaments tendons and fascia of the body.


P-DTR® allows us to assess the information your brain is receiving from an area of your body and to find out if that information is accurate or not. Why does this matter? 
If your brain is receiving accurate information from the ligaments, muscles and tendons in your body, you will have an appropriate muscular response. If the information is sensitized (too sensitive or not sensitive enough) it will lead to too much or too little muscular response. 
Why does the muscular response matter? In an ideal world, all muscles will function properly providing support for the joints that they act on. If a muscle is decreased in function, then it may alter your movement or predispose you to further injury. Very often, even if you haven’t actually caused a further injury, the potential for that to happen may be interpreted by your brain as a potential threat, which may in turn lead to you experiencing pain.
This becomes important when David works with people who have chronic pain and symptoms. He often finds that these people have areas of sensitisation from old injuries that are contributing to their current chronic problems. 
Most therapists focus on the areas of pain, yet in Davids experience, he finds most of the solutions to these painful areas are located in the previous areas of injury. These areas are often no longer painful.

P-DTR® allows David to piece together each client presentation from a whole person, whole story perspective to find the solution to their symptoms.

“P-DTR® is the most advanced manual therapy in the world. It is completely non-invasive and restores normal reflex control of neuromuscular activity.”

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