Pain & Movement Specialist | #LivePainFree

Pain is a powerful message from the nervous system.  Our brain and body are intricately connected, and often working on a painful area alone will only give temporary relief. 

We understand the importance of looking at the person as a whole, so that we can truly get to the root cause(s) of the problem.

Following the carefully constructed process that David has built, your story, past injuries, movement capabilities, lifestyle influences,  beliefs and understandings are all considered to help you to understand the relevant connections and overcome your symptoms.

As a result, even the clients that consider themselves “beyond help” can move better, live better and achieve things they never thought were possible.

So how does it happen

Your body has 360 joints, 639 muscles and a nervous system that is coordinating everything they do.

In addition to that, your nervous system has the capability of learning from previous experiences and can make powerful associations with negative events.

Most people who have ongoing pain are at a loss as to why they have pain. They don’t understand how their bodies can move (and let’s face it with 360 joints and 639 muscles all moving at the same time it’s pretty complex), and they do not understand how their nervous system functions. 

That makes it pretty difficult to start making progress without some help. David has been helping people with ongoing / chronic symptoms for 12+ years and understands that when it comes to pain relief, there is never one cause for pain. 

There are often multiple contributing factors such as: 

  • Previous Injuries
  • Movement Limitations
  • Fears about your body
  • Beliefs & Understandings that increase fear
  • Worry about the future
  • Poor Sleep & Energy Levels
  • Loss of strength 
  • Behaviour change because of pain
In his capacity as a guide to help you (not someone to fix you – you’re not broken), David has built out a structure that enables you to get back in the driving seat once and for all. 

Improve your movement, build a strong and able body, transform your understanding of your body and build habits that will support your health for the rest of your life. 

Live a life that you enjoy, free from the worry that ongoing pain brings. Book an appointment or join the Move Out Of Pain Community to get started.