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What does it take to overcome chronic pain?

What does it take to overcome chronic pain? This blog is a follow on blog from the others I have posted this month. The theme has been: Why do people in pain struggle to overcome their symptoms long term? Every week I work with people who are frustrated because they are in pain and their […]

Why do people with pain struggle to improve long term?

long term progress

Why do people with pain struggle to improve long-term? (hint: it’s all to do with clarity about what needs to happen for you) Put simply, this is a question that almost all of my clients admit they have asked themselves about their symptoms at some point or another. Many of them have asked me this […]

Deconditioning and Pain – A Vicious Cycle

instructive diagram

Are you the victim of this vicious cycle? There are quite a few vicious feedback loops that can really make it difficult to overcome pain. Today I’m going to briefly write about the ” loop of deconditioning” and how it relates to ongoing pain. It may be a slightly longer read than usual so grab […]

Failed Treatments.

“Helplessness and immobilization keep people from utilizing their stress hormones to defend themselves. When that happens, their hormones still are being pumped out, but the actions they’re supposed to fuel are thwarted. Eventually, the activation patterns that were meant to promote coping are turned back against the organism and now keep feeling inappropriate fight/flight and […]

Pain And Structural Damage #BackPain

I have had quite a few instances lately in clinic whereby I had to tackle painful problems in a different way. The common theme to all of these problems was that each of the people who had pain believed that the pain was as a result of some damage that they had done to themselves. […]