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What does it take to overcome chronic pain?

What does it take to overcome chronic pain? This blog is a follow on blog from the others I have posted this month. The theme has been: Why do people in pain struggle to overcome their symptoms long term? Every week I work with people who are frustrated because they are in pain and their […]

Deconditioning and Pain – A Vicious Cycle

instructive diagram

Are you the victim of this vicious cycle? There are quite a few vicious feedback loops that can really make it difficult to overcome pain. Today I’m going to briefly write about the ” loop of deconditioning” and how it relates to ongoing pain. It may be a slightly longer read than usual so grab […]

Pain And Structural Damage #BackPain

I have had quite a few instances lately in clinic whereby I had to tackle painful problems in a different way. The common theme to all of these problems was that each of the people who had pain believed that the pain was as a result of some damage that they had done to themselves. […]