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Making Long Term Pain Relief Easy To Achieve

Get the step by step plan to build a strong, able body and a future free from pain

– with all the support you’ll ever need along the way

Overcoming pain shouldn't be as frustrating as it's been so far...

Without a structured plan to improve and the opportunity to address the big influences on your pain, it’s likely that:

  • Your pain won’t really improve
  • Your body will become more restricted as time goes on
  • Your worry & fear for your health will increase
  • Your sleep & energy levels will suffer

  • You will continue searching for the next magic treatment to “fix you”

  • You will end up accepting that this is as good as it gets

It really doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to rely on finding the right person to fix you. Change ONLY happens inside your nervous system. All that you need is some guidance along the way.

Join the Move Out Of Pain Community and get immediate access to everything you need to have thoughtless fearless movement and an ability to live life without pain getting in your way.

Your membership gives you everything you need to make sure pain is a thing of the past, not your present or future:

On demand

Our ever growing library of on-demand course modules will take the frustration and confusion out of achieving long term pain relief

Live Coaching & Support

Weekly ongoing support from an experienced professional and ongoing community support from the Move Out Of Pain community

Structured rehab plans

Done-for-you movement improvement and rehabilitation plans to build a strong & mobile body so that pain never stops you living life again

Each course & module takes the mystery out of why you haven't made progress with your symptoms

And you get access to them all with your Move Out Of Pain membership

With more modules & courses being added regularly

Joining the Move Out Of Pain Community is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Join the community & course platform for €29/month to get access to on demand Courses, live weekly and monthly support and done-for-you graded movement & rehabilitation plans. Cancel anytime.

Follow the Process

Work through our structured process to make all the necessary changes to improve your pain.

And we will help with whatever you need along the way.

Leave Pain Behind

Leaving pain behind isn’t as hard as you’ve been led to believe. You just need a guide.

Join the Move Out Of Pain Community and feel confident that you have a clear plan to feel great again.

How can you overcome pain and live freely again?

Acute injuries and symptoms are pretty straightforward to deal with.  Almost any practitioner can help you with this. When pain persists, becomes chronic or shows up regularly, modern healthcare doesn’t do just as well.
Most people fall through the cracks, flip flopping from failed treatment approach to failed treatment approach, all the while becoming more worried about their body and losing hope that they will ever feel normal again.
But what do you actually need to address to overcome your pain and symptoms? The Move Out Of Pain Community is all about helping you to understand what is influencing your pain. When you understand whats influencing your pain, you can address this and follow our structured process to leave pain behind so you can live life freely.

Your Community Membership includes...

Join the Move Out Of Pain Community

59 29 / month
  • On Demand Courses & Modules
  • Weekly Live Support Sessions
  • A structured proven plan to help you make progress
  • Course Workbook & Assignments
  • An empathetic community that are all working towards a common goal

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common question that thankfully has an easy answer. The goal of the programme is to give you all of the tools, strategies and information you need to overcome your symptoms. Self directed learning is happening via the medium of an online course, an article, a book or a video on the internet every single day. 

More recently due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, telehealth has roared forwards as an extremely effective way for therapists to help their clients to make change without having to be hands on or with them in person. Your body, and specifically within your nervous system is the only place that change can actually happen. Thats why this course is focused on empowering you and arming you with the things you need to make change happen for you.

This programme contains all the information that you need to take ownership and to create the changes that you are looking to make in your pain and symptoms.  The only thing that you must do is show up and put the information, the exercises and strategies in this course into ACTION. Taking action everyday in a strategic way is the antidote to the lack of progress you have previously experienced. Commit to small practices and habit changes daily and change is inevitable.

The first thing that springs to someones mind when they look for help with pain is usually medication or hands on treatment. That is the way that we have always done things. The reality of working with people who have not yet been able to overcome their symptoms is that the hands on work and medication are only a small part of the journey. The bigger part happens when you are not in your therapists clinic. Overcoming pain is about identifying the areas that need to change and then creating that change towards the desired result. 

Working with people over the last decade has taught me that the educational side of a treatment experience – helping people to understand what increases their fear, what amplifies their nervous systems protective responses (pain /  muscular tone / fight or flight reactions) is likely more important that hands on work to create long lasting change. 

Think about it like this; hands on treatment may help you in an acute situation. Often the results achieved don’t last and you end up on the merry-go-round of getting more treatment for the same problem. If you are reading this, it is likely that you have had this experience.

The information, tools and strategies in this programme provide you with the knowledge to empower you to change how you understand pain, how you view your body, to decrease fear and to help you to avoid falling into the same traps that have kept you stuck in this cycle in the first place.

You are given all the breathing exercises, mobility exercises, integration exercise and strength exercises that you need to always have a strategy to call upon to help yourself overcome pain.

And you have access to a private members forum where I can support you in a more directed way and you can ask any questions that you may 

Your membership of the Move Out Of Pain Community gives you on-demand access to all course modules, access to all future material that will be added to the course and community forum access too. 

You will have the ability to ask questions and receive support via our community and even book discounted telehealth appointments with David.

David will be adding more in depth exericse tutorials, done-for you rehabilitation plans and guest expert content as this community builds to ensure that every influence on your symptoms is covered and you have actionable tools and strategies to acheive results.

This isn’t designed to be a quick fix that leaves you needing help again in a few weeks or months. As such, there is a 12 week Movement Improvement Programme that you will work through that prepares your body for the next stage of strength and co-ordination exercises to help you with your symptoms.

After your 12 week Movement Improvement Programme, you will have a targeted rehab plan for your major symptom area.

Tissues take time to adapt and by working through the programmes in a sequential manner, you ensure that you achieve the freedom and confidence that come with a strong, able body.

It’s likely that you will begin to feel better after a few weeks of our initial programme and we urge you to work through all the way to the end to really get past your symptoms once and for all.

Yes you can 100% do this. Move Out Of Pain has been set up to enable you to overcome pain without the need of someone else and my hope for you is that, via this programme,  you can become dependant on yourself rather than needing external help.

Should you require some assistance from a therapist, it is at your discretion to make this decision. Remind yourself that this hands on treatment is facilitating progress for you on a short term basis and that the programme contents of Move Out Of Pain are helping you to change the rest.