Pain & Movement Specialist | #LivePainFree

I help people with unresolved pain to overcome their symptoms, regain their energy and get back to exercising confidently again.

Overcoming pain is challenging on your own. If you have been on the merry-go-round of trying lots of different treatments with different therapists then you are the exact sort of person that I love to work with.


You are doing your best to manage your symptoms...

And yet, you are still experiencing them far more regularly than you’d like.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel fully confident in your body again?

If you want this then I want to work with you to help you achieve this.

Overcoming pain is challenging on your own without the right support. Using Move Out Of Pain you will be able to: 

  • Overcome Fear of Movement & Pain
  • Target the movements your body needs
  • Recondition and strengthen your body
  • Learn & Implement Strategies to manage stressors
  • Build habits to boost your energy levels
  • Improve your sleep and wake feeling rested everyday

The Online Programme that has all the information, tools and strategies that you need to overcome pain in one place.

David is quite simply brilliant, inspired and passionately dedicated to his work - and it shows in the outcomes in his clients.
Do not, for one moment, hesitate in working with this man - you won't regret it".

Dr. Kim Jobst
"I’ve had 2 sessions with David following recurring hip and lower back discomfort for many years. His full assessment and clear explanations were so beneficial and also really interesting to hear and I was delighted to walk out of his clinic after the first session feeling so much better. My second session only went on to cement that feeling and I’m delighted that my hip and lower back pain is non existent now. I’ve recommended David to lots of my pilates clients as well, and I know from feedback that they’ve been as impressed with him as I have"
Pilates Teacher & Back Pain Sufferer

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