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What does it take to overcome chronic pain?

What does it take to overcome chronic pain? This blog is a follow on blog from the others I have posted this month. The theme has been: Why do people in pain struggle to overcome their symptoms long term? Every week I work with people who are frustrated because they are in pain and their […]

Movement – Why?

Movement is life. There I said it. Lately in clinic people have been asking me why I consider movement to be so important. So here goes 🙂 For me, if you have a lack of movement, you have stagnancy. If you have stagnancy for too long, it usually leads to decay, overgrowth and lack of […]

Pain And Structural Damage #BackPain

I have had quite a few instances lately in clinic whereby I had to tackle painful problems in a different way. The common theme to all of these problems was that each of the people who had pain believed that the pain was as a result of some damage that they had done to themselves. […]

People Before Pain

As a therapist who is passionate about helping others, who loves to learn and who loves to wake up happy because he is living his passion, it is an extremely rewarding for me to get the results that I do with my clients. I am a self confessed geek. I love to read about the […]