Role Reversal.

Todays blog is a complete Role-Reversal 🙂 This blog will detail my reflection on being on the other side of the therapist – patient dynamic! (*Long Post* – fresh cup of tea/coffee would be the perfect accompaniment!) It is all too common nowadays to meet a person who is struggling with their body. It is […]

Some lovely feedback :)

I was recently booked for a Corporate Clinic Day by a company outside London to see if I could help their employees with some of the main and symptoms that they were experiencing on an ongoing basis. These problems had been contributing to days missed from work and the owner of the company was keen […]

Lets get to know our FEET!

This is a blog about YOU. I invite you to read this series of questions and check in with yourself to see where you stand (literally) 🙂 All you will need is a solid floor beneath your feet and ideally a full length mirror to observe yourself with. I will ask a series of questions […]

A Real Pain in the Neck!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of travelling to Ireland for a Pop Up Clinic in Dublin. I had some interesting cases, but easily the most interesting was a case of a gentleman who had recently undergone surgery on his neck for severe pain and a loss of function in some of the muscles of […]

Pain And Structural Damage #BackPain

I have had quite a few instances lately in clinic whereby I had to tackle painful problems in a different way. The common theme to all of these problems was that each of the people who had pain believed that the pain was as a result of some damage that they had done to themselves. […]

People Before Pain

As a therapist who is passionate about helping others, who loves to learn and who loves to wake up happy because he is living his passion, it is an extremely rewarding for me to get the results that I do with my clients. I am a self confessed geek. I love to read about the […]