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Why do people with pain struggle to improve long term?

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Why do people with pain struggle to improve long-term? (hint: it’s all to do with clarity about what needs to happen for you) Put simply, this is a question that almost all of my clients admit they have asked themselves about their symptoms at some point or another. Many of them have asked me this […]

Deconditioning and Pain – A Vicious Cycle

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Are you the victim of this vicious cycle? There are quite a few vicious feedback loops that can really make it difficult to overcome pain. Today I’m going to briefly write about the ” loop of deconditioning” and how it relates to ongoing pain. It may be a slightly longer read than usual so grab […]

12 Books that inspired me in 2020

12 Books that inspired me in 2020 Atomic Habits – James Clear I started the year with this book. And it is not a long read. It may just be the most practical and useful book I have ever read. When you understand how habits are the daily patterns that we run and that they […]

Failed Treatments.

“Helplessness and immobilization keep people from utilizing their stress hormones to defend themselves. When that happens, their hormones still are being pumped out, but the actions they’re supposed to fuel are thwarted. Eventually, the activation patterns that were meant to promote coping are turned back against the organism and now keep feeling inappropriate fight/flight and […]


Awareness is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Especially if you are experiencing persistent pain. I don’t mean simply being more aware of your pain – while that might be useful to help you avoid further provocation of your symptoms, it can equally be problematic if you become hypervigilant about checking if […]

Movement – Why?

Movement is life. There I said it. Lately in clinic people have been asking me why I consider movement to be so important. So here goes 🙂 For me, if you have a lack of movement, you have stagnancy. If you have stagnancy for too long, it usually leads to decay, overgrowth and lack of […]

The dreaded leg length discrepancy!!

This is one of the most unhelpful MYTHS that I hear about in clinic at least once or twice a week. In my career to date, I have seen two people who have had an actual leg length discrepancy. Both were as a result of direct trauma to boney structures. The problem with “leg length […]

When Skiing Goes "Off Piste"

David is somebody I trust, knowledgeable and calm and actually listens to what you are experiencing, regularly checking out that the work being carried out feels safe,

Beliefs – Unbelievably Believable!

Promoting awareness about the power of language and beliefs among sufferers of pain and therapists alike, empowers us all to adopt more supportive language and beliefs about our bodies and this is a key piece that will allow everyone to move forwards more quickly towards pain free living and less future episodes of pain

Clinic Relocation :)

Hi everyone 🙂 It has been a while since I last posted any blogs or social media content on my business page. I have been extremely busy in clinic and prioritised my time to focus my energy on helping the clients that I have worked with, rather than blogging or sharing content. Today though, I […]