My Story

I have been working with people in pain for over a decade.

I ended up falling in love with this work because of my own journey to overcome pain and symptoms.

I used to suffer horribly with right sided burning hip pain, lower back pain, neck pain and a very unnerving tingling pain into my groin and testes.

In addition to this I experienced what I would now call anxiety (I didn’t know what those symptoms were until many years later).

I also experienced unexplained autonomic symptoms like changes in my  heart rate & blood pressure, surges of adrenaline and changes in my breathing.

Its fair to say that I didn’t have the best experiences when I sought help for these symptoms. I saw doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and homeopaths. 

Every profession had a different opinion, nothing made sense and I was left more confused, more afraid and further away from the help I wanted.

I began to study the human body in college, completing a course in Applied Physiology & Health Sciences in IT Carlow. I travelled to the UK and did my degree in Sports Rehabilitation.

And when I graduated, I had a lot more information. I didn’t have any more of an idea as to why I was experiencing the symptoms that I did.


When I began to work with people in pain, I was following the cookbook recipe approach that I was taught in university. 

Person with knee pain =  this is what you do.

Person with back pain =  this is the approach for them.

I became more and more confused and disillusioned because I would often get feedback from my clients that the treatments had done any of the following:

  • Really helped for 24 hours and then it all came back
  • Helped a bit but didn’t last too long
  • Sorted their problem out entirely and they haven’t looked back
  • Didn’t help at all


I truly didn’t know what the difference was in each person and each treatment session. 

Was it me? My treatment? Was it too much pressure? Were the exercises the wrong ones for them? Was it that person themselves? What are the right exercises for a person? What influences their pain? 

On and on the questions went until I gave up.  I told my parents that I wanted to go back and study music instead (another passion of mine). 

Thankfully, they told me to buckle up and stop feeling sorry for myself. And that was the best advice I ever received.

I made a commitment to myself the day to become the best therapist that I could be, someone who could tackle the most complex cases and help them overcome their symptoms.    


From that decision has sprung a career beyond what I could have ever hoped for.

I began to enrol in courses to do with all types of treatment and had a massive lightbulb moment!

When working with someone in pain, if I am unable to affect how their nervous system is interpreting things, Im really not being effective for them.

Muscles, joints, symptoms, pain. All of these things are under control of the nervous system.

I began to focus my area of understanding on the nervous system. 

I studied human movement under the tutelage of Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan from Anatomy in Motion. 

This work completely transformed my understanding of the human body. 

Now i was able to see a person in pain in a totally different way, able to see how their 360 joints moved in time and space.

I could start to see that person with knee pain that couldn’t shift their weight well into that leg.

I could see the person with a shoulder problem whose spine and ribs couldn’t afford them the necessary movement to get their arm overhead without impinging the joint space.

Movement offered me a realtime barometer and window into affecting a persons nervous system and I was hooked.

The cases I saw became more and more complex and I began seeing people from all over the country. 

Knowing people in many countries due to the course I had been on, I was invited to work in Belgium, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, the USA.

I became more and more interested in the human nervous system and brain and moved to London to take a job in a busy private practice and to study P-DTR®, the treatment technique developed by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Jose Palomar.

P-DTR® was again a massive mind opening experience for me. I was awakened to the incredible power of the nervous system to create change. 

It showed me how sensitivity in the human body caused real time adaptations that were contributing to a persons symptoms and it gave amazingly powerful tools to create change for the people I worked with.

P-DTR® perfectly complemented the understanding that I had from my AiM movement studies.

By understanding the movements that were missing, by being able to figure out why the nervous system had chosen to adapt the muscular function needed in those movements, I was able to create powerful change for people with minimal intervention, exactly where they needed it.

And as always, I began to see even more complex and strange cases. I started to meet many people whose symptoms were heavily influenced by the psychological side of life.


I began to see how it was totally possible for a person to become trapped in a complex web of symptoms that were being driven by how they were thinking. 

The many fear inducing belief systems, the labels and diagnoses and the narratives they had become affected by.

This led me into a world of self study and learning about the human mind, and psychology.

I could see how this all became a melting pot of influences that ended up affecting the person in a massive way.

In essence, I was now starting to see the maze that is chronic or persistent pain and symptoms. The many wrong turns, roadblocks and booby traps that affected  the people I was working with.

I saw themes and principles running through my daily experiences in clinic with clients.

I developed a framework from which I could operate and began focusing on identifying and changing the influences for each person I worked with.

This is the challenge that I LOVE to embark on with each person I meet.

My own symptoms had become a thing of the past. I had assessed and changed my own beliefs and narratives.

I had learned that most of the symptoms I  experienced wire related to previous injuries and sensitivities that i was moving around.

I received the treatment I needed and became aware of the blindspots that I had in my own movement. 



David Mc Gettigan: Pain & Movement Specialist

Al of this left me in a place of confidence in my body. I was empowered that I had taken significant steps toads understanding the influences that affected me and my clients and that i had actionable strategies for change that were effective.

I was selected and accepted a position to teach the P-DTR® method in Europe,on behalf of its founder, Dr. Jose Palomar.

I taught this technique for 3 years travelling to many countries throughout Europe including Iceland, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Denmark and the Netherlands.

In addition to this, I have expanded my business to help people who cannot travel to my clinic in Dublin, Ireland, by offering an online self directed version of all of the knowledge I have gathered over the past decade.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope it has given you the HOPE that the symptoms you are experiencing are changeable. It is possible and even enjoyable to go through the necessary change to overcome your symptoms. 

I would love to help you, please get in touch and lets get started.