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Movement is life. There I said it.

Lately in clinic people have been asking me why I consider movement to be so important. So here goes 🙂

For me, if you have a lack of movement, you have stagnancy. If you have stagnancy for too long, it usually leads to decay, overgrowth and lack of life. Right now I am talking about movement in the context of what happens in nature.

In a human body, it is sort of the same. We are gifted these INCREDIBLE things called bodies. Governed by a nervous system, interacting with and responding to all sorts of input from our internal and external environment.

One of the BEST ways to keep everything self regulating well is to MOVE. Move your bones, move your thoughts, move your feelings on a regular basis.

Moving your bones on a regular basis encourages your body to act like the living organism it is. It shortens and elongates muscles and connective tissue and loads your joints, ligaments and tendons. It helps to pump blood, oxygen, lymph and nutrients around every part of your body. It keeps your cardiovascular system active and healthy.

Moving your thoughts on a regular basis means that you are always opening yourself up to new ideas. New ideas means that you (hopefully) will continue to learn new things and to be inspired to learn more. This keeps the gazillions of neuronal connections in your brain ACTIVE and functioning. It also helps you to create meaning that shapes and forms your life, and to change old meanings that are not supportive for the direction you would like your life to take.

Moving your feelings enables you to respond and react to situations appropriately. It helps you to overcome challenges, to learn and to grow through some of the cards that you are dealt in life. It also helps you to express yourself, literally in forms of boy movement, in forms of thought and emotionally.

Movement is life. From a cellular level to the level of a planet, movement ties us all together and helps maintain balance. Usually when movement is not possible, or if movement is blocked, stagnation of mind, body or society occurs. Which usually leads to a form of symptom or response until movement van eventually occur again.

Where are you moving?

Where are you not moving?

Where would you like to move better?

Where would you like to move more?

That got pretty philosophical!!

Who knows, maybe moving your bones a bit more might actually help you to move a lot of other things too.

Movement is LIFE.

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